Talking With Terina, When Mother's Day Is Not So Joyful

By Terina Maldonado May 18, 2018

Hello everyone.   I hope you all had a lovely Mothers Day.  But this is for those of you who did not.  I've been talking to some friends and it seems Mother's day can be filled with all sorts of emotions....that are not JOY.  I'm learning that Mother's Day can be hard for a lot of people.  Not everyone was blessed to come from a family with a gentle loving Mom.  Some people have a Mother who has passed away.  Other mourn the loss of a pregnancy or child. So people find Mother's Day to be a reminder of all the ways they are failing and not living up to the standards of perfection placed upon Mothers.  For some their family fails to live up to their hopes for the day.  Some Mothers spend this day mostly unrecognized because they are miraculously doing this Mothering thing on their own.  Some Mothers are alone as their kids have are not with them for whatever reason.  Some women are learning that Motherhood is 100 Million times harder than they thought it would be.  Some are trying to figure out what being a good Mom looks like to them and their family, which can be a sad and confusing place.  Some women are sad because their Mother is far away. And I'm sure there are women who find Mother's day to be difficult for reasons other than the one I am aware of.

I just want to say, I love you!  You are doing an amazing job.  And even if you are not the worlds greatest Mom (because there is no such person) every day that you get up and try your best is good enough.  Good enough for you.  Good enough for your spouse/significant other.  Good enough for your children.  You are enough!

To you, I say it is perfectly ok to not love Mother's Day.  

Motherhood is messy and mistake-filled.  Embrace it.  

If Mother's Day makes you feel sad, lonely, inadequate, hurt, or any of the other not so Joyful emotions, feel it, give space for that in your life.  If you try to fight that or deny it, those emotions will only linger.

To all my fellow Mothers I say good job!  You are still alive, you are doing your best, and you best is all that you can do!

The best photo I got on Mother's Day. No, I couldn't' get my kids to stop stuffing their faces long enough to snap a picture.  #MomLife

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