My New Favorite Place

Radius Fitness

By Terina Maldonado & Caren Rodgers May 15, 2018

I have really loved working out at Radius Fitness.  They greet me by name and have created a comfortable friendly environment.  The RadFit class was like a small group personal training session.  I love the variety of yoga classes they offer.  I took a class that kicked my booty and had me dripping sweat and another that was a beautiful peaceful class of stretching and meditation.  I took my first ever cycle class, even though I was worried I would die.  Thankfully I did not.     I took the intro to cycling class and highly recommend it to anyone new to cycling classes.  I learned so much and now feel like I can be successful with cycling.  My kids have loved RadKidz and it is has been great to get a workout in without having a toddler or puppy climbing on me!

The concept of Radius Fitness was created by Josh and Caren Rodgers in 2017. Josh Rodgers is a successful personal trainer in the east valley and currently has his own studio that offers personal training and nutrition consulting. His business has expanded so much that he and his wife, Caren Rodgers, wanted to open a fitness facility that the east valley has been missing! Josh has a degree in Exercise Science from Northern Arizona University and has owned his personal training business for 5 years with 10 years in the industry. Caren, also a past personal trainer and certified cycle instructor, turned to business management in 2013. Radius Fitness is our new creation for individuals who are looking for a ‘community feel’ workout. Radius Fitness offers group class in cycle (cardio), yoga (stretch) and RadFit (muscle) which covers all areas of the body for a total body workout. Price depends on your comfort   We offer flexible pricing with drop-in, package or membership rates which are listed are online and all classes are included in the package and membership options. We have a great class schedule that is easily assessable online.  In addition, we offer childcare at an additional rate, either drop-in or monthly, whichever suits your schedule best! We want the community to feel comfortable when you come workout and we strive to get to know each member who comes to see our facility! Come see us today introduce yourself and take a tour of our facility!!  We just opened our doors March 12th and look forward to supporting our East Mesa community.

Josh and Caren are local residents in Mulberry here in east mesa! Caren has a son from a previous marriage, Aiden who is soon to be 10 who loves to ride his bike and swim. Together Josh and Caren have a 2-year-old daughter, Elliana, who loves being outside playing with bubbles or our pup Bennie! When our family is together we like to go to the park or for a hike together. Our family is so important to us, so making time to be with the kiddos is essential for this family! 

Contact Information


1839 S. Crismon Rd., Suite 102
Mesa, AZ 85209



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