Traveling To, From, And In Rocky Point, What You Need To Know

May 9, 2017

Getting down there was the same. You will need to get Mexican auto insurance before you head down. You can check with your current insurance provider, buy it online, or do what we do and buy it on the way down at one of the many locations along the way. I think every store in Ajo sells it. For full coverage on our Honda Pilot, it cost a little over $50 for 4 days. I’m sure you can find it cheaper if you shop around for it. 

We topped off the tank after buying insurance and drove towards the border. Usually, it is a breeze getting into Mexico, but this day was a bit different. One of the two lanes had some sensors malfunction and was closed so all traffic had to go through the same lane.  We had to wait over an over, but again, this is not typical. After the border crossing, you wind your way through the little town of Sonoyta, Mexico. Here you will find people collecting donations for emergency services along the road. We always bring a few $1 bills to stuff in the donation boxes, but it is not necessary. Be very careful here and obey all traffic signs and speed limits. Remember, the speed limit is in kilometers per hour, not miles per hour.  You will see signs saying Hassle Free Zone.  What that means is because this stretch of road is a transition area you may get pulled over but they should not ticket you, just give you a warning and remind you the speed limit is in kilometers per hour not miles per hour.

Once through Sonoyta, it is about a 45-minute drive to Rocky Point through the Sonoran Desert. If you haven’t been for a while, you will notice more American stores in town. We noticed a Sam’s Club, Burger King, and Little Caesars Pizza (and they have the $5 Hot-N-Ready deal there too but it is 86 Pesos). We also noticed that there were a few more paved roads.

One night driving back to the resort we got pulled over. We were told we hadn’t stopped at a stop sign (although we had) and we had the option of going to the police station and paying the $1500 peso fine or pay him there. My husband only had $40 in his wallet and it just so happened that would cover the fine. We learned a few things from this experience. The first is to always make sure you follow traffic signs and stop for a full 5 seconds at stop signs. The second is to not carry all your cash in the same place. Have some in your wallet for situations like this, some hidden in the car, some back at the hotel, etc. We also learned that they cannot mail tickets in Rocky Point and with the amount of tourists from America, they would either be arresting a lot of people or they could just collect the fine on the street when they pull you over.  So if you get pulled over, don't worry, chances are you'll be just fine if you have a little cash.

As you near the U.S. border, there may be a bit of a wait to cross. The line went smoothly this day. While inching your way forward, there are people selling all sorts of stuff. Buying freshly made tortillas is a must, however, make sure you have small bills to pay. We only had $20 bills left nobody had change. My husband wanted some so bad he paid $20 for 2 dozen tortillas. He is no longer allowed to carry cash by the way.

We approached the border crossing and handed over birth certificates and driver’s licenses. The border agent said, “Oh man, the people behind you aren’t going to like you.” He checked over all of our documents for the 6 of us, handed them back, and we were good to go. If took 3 minutes for the whole process.

Even though we were allowed back in the U.S. without a passport, I highly recommend getting one. First, it is the law. Second, I have heard that if you are injured and need to be evacuated by air, you cannot come to the U.S. without a passport book. If a passport book is not in the budget, a passport card is valid for traveling across the border by land and sea yet is not as expensive at the passport book. Finally, once you get one, you can travel the world. 

OH Partners gave me some useful links, you can find additional passport information HERE and driving tips HERE.

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This trip was hosted by the Puerto Penasco Tourism & Convention Bureau and OH Partners.  Although they provided this amazing trip, all the thoughts shared are my own!