Ethereal Beauty Spa Review

February 22, 2017

I'm a natural redhead, which I love.  The only down side, besides occasionally being called Pippi Longstocking, is my light colored eyelashes.  I have nice lashes, they are fairly thick and longer, but they are light.  Which means without mascara I always look tired.  Even when I'm not tired, I look it!  This is frustrating, especially now that I've been using Isagenix and feeling so much better and having a lot more energy!  I want to look as great as I feel.  I decided to give lash extensions a try. 

I contacted Bren at Ethereal Beauty Spa.  She is so nice and friendly.  She was very accommodating of my schedule and got me in before an event I had.

My daughter was in tears when I went to leave, she wanted to come with me.  I was hesitant but decided to bring her with me, we needed some girl time.  I told her she needed to be good and she tagged along.  Bren was very understanding and kind to my daughter.  She let her watch how she did the lashes, and check out her tools.  Then when my daughter was done with that I handed her my phone and we were good.  I had to laugh , my daughter did something on the phone and couldn't get back to Netflix, Bren without me even asking took my phone and helped my daughter out.

It was kind of relaxing to have the extensions put on (even with my daughter sitting on the end of the table).  I chatted with Bren and enjoyed a little time not having to do anything other than be still. 

The before and after photo is awesome! 
They have been amazing!  I wake up and look put together!  I wake up and don't have mascara smeared all over my pillow and my face.  I've saved time in the morning getting ready.  I also feel more motivated to get ready in the morning.  I'll admit to being a bit of a natural girl.  There is nothing wrong with that.  But I've been wanting to try and put more effort into changing out of sweat pants and putting some makeup on.  I don't feel bad about myself if I don't, but I do feel more put together when I do.  I find I'm a bit more productive in my day when I take a minute to get ready for the day.  So lash extensions, as silly as this may sound, have helped me to be more productive in my day.

Bren is located in Gold Canyon.  I was telling a friend that I was going to Gold Canyon to get my lashes done and she commented about how far away it was.  I laughed!  It took me less time to get to her studio in Gold Canyon then it takes me to get to downtown Mesa, or Gilbert.  She also offers permanent makeup, microblading, customized spa services, eyebrow design, microneedling, dermaplaning, lash lift and more.

You can find her on Facebook and Instagram.  You should really check out her Instagram page, so many great examples and photos of the work she does.  She's so talented!  She has a special offer for you.  You can get $20 in free services after you spend $100!  Such a great offer!  GIve Bren a call today!

6877 S Kings Ranch Rd
Suite 7
Gold Canyon AZ 85218