Progress Report A+

February 14, 2017

Guys do you remember me telling you about Brent (my hubby) and I taking back our health?  Well I'm so so SOOOO excited to give you our report!  We are LOVING our new health regimen.  Let me go through the key things we've tried and been using.  (If you just want to read about our results skip to the end)

We started with the Value Pak.  One of the great things about Isagenix is that you can customise the products you get for your needs.  Since Brent and  I are both using it we did a custom Value Pak, part wight-loss part energy.  The Value Pak was a great way to start, it had everything we needed for a month and a variety of things to get us started.

The Shakes  were so yummy!  I was surprised at how creamy and tasty they were!  I LOVE having a shake every day.  They are loaded with protein so it's a great way to start the day and turn your body into a fat burning machine.

Ionix Supreme is maybe my favorite product.  It's made to help combat the stress of life (because really life is stressful) and fatigue.  The helped me so much!  Oh and disclaimer, I did not like the taste of the liquid, but I anxiously took it every day.  This helped so much with my energy and stress.  I have crappy skin, and it will breakout/flair up with the slightest stress.  I have a Rx steroid cream I use when it gets bad.  When it gets bad I look a little like a burn victim!  I also have this recurring rash on my shin, it hates stress too.  I ran out of Ionix, and with in two days my face was a mess and my rash was back!  Here, I'll share a picture.

My poor sad face.  It missed Ionix.

The Vitamins were awesome too.  I really felt a difference in my body when it was getting everything it needed.  I also threw the Greens into my shakes, so dang good!  I don't know about you but despite my best efforts I never get enough veggies in my diet.  It's so easy to throw a scoop of greens in my shake.

The Isalean Bars are yummy and the actually fill you up!  I was surprised when I replaced a meal with a bar and didn't find myself starving.  I like having half a bar for a snack.  Quick easy and helps me have the energy I need.

Speaking of energy the e+ was awesome!  Gave me a great energy boost without making me feel jittery at all! And I didn't crash after a few hours.

The Cleanse for Life was shocking!  You cleanse weekly.  To cleanse you only drink the cleanse and small snacks.  I fast regularly, and normally I find myself lethargic and laying around trying to conserve my energy.  When I cleansed, I had energy, I didn't feel like I was starving.  It honestly was shocking!  I couldn't believe I was abstained from eating real food and was not starving and had energy!

That's a quick brief overview of our favorite products.  There are others that I loved.  Like the IsaDelights.  Yummy little chocolate snacks that are good for you!   I don't feel like I need a nap every day!  When I wake up in the morning my first thought isn't where in my day can I fit in a nap.  There have been times when I've been up too early, or too late and been tired, that's called life.  Surprisingly I still found I had energy.   And where I would have previously forgone other responsibilities to take a nap I've been able to make it through the day.  I'm sleeping better.  I feel like I have more mental clarity.  The first cleanse day I had a dance party with my kids!  That has not happened in a long time, I just hadn't had the energy.  I just feel better!  Although weight loss was not my goal, I've even lost three pounds!

Brent and I are kind of shocked by his results!  He has been working with Mike at Mesa Personal Training.  Mike is awesome!  And Brent has been loving the help Mike provides.  But he's also been on a weight loss journey for a little while.  He hit a plateau.  He'd already lost quite abit  of weight and was struggling losing more.  This past month he's lost SIXTEEN POUNDS!  And guys I"m not talking first month of a weight loss journey where the pounds just fall off, I'm talking after a plateau!  And he's still living a normal life.  One week we ate pizza three times.  Ha.  We had a family birthday party and enjoyed cake.  We have not been completely deprived.  We're replacing one meal a day with Isagenix, that's it.  That's all we're doing and we're experiencing amazing results!  Oh well I guess we do take the vitamins and occasional e+ and the snacks, LOL  but my point is we're not on some crazy diet where we are hungry all the time and longing for our favorite "naughty" foods.  We're living life.  Just enjoying it a lot more now!

Are you done with feeling tired all the time.  Are you ready to have energy to dance with your kids?  Are you ready to find the new you, with mental clarity and energy?  Are you ready to lose some weight in a healthyway that doesn't leave you starving?  Are you ready to enjoy eating food that nourishes your body?  Are you ready for a change?  If you are get in touch with me!  If you think you might be, and want to maybe see some more info, more people's results please join the Embrace the GLOW group.  It's a great group full of people on the same journey, where you will find support and encouragement and answers.

Please feel free to email me, or call/text me 480.375.1455.  I'd love to help you take back your health!