Peppa Pig's Sing-Along Party

Coming to Arizona Financial Theatre

October 19, 2023

Since debuting in 2004, Peppa Pig has become the most famous snout in children's entertainment this side of Miss Piggy. For many toddlers, the British cartoon series is their first binge-watching obsession, thanks to its simple yet colorful animation, bite-sized, five-minute storylines (sample episode title: "Muddy Puddles" — and yes, it's about nothing more than jumping in muddy puddles), and straightforward dialogue that even a three-year-old can easily follow. And for parents, the sound of precocious Peppa, her tantrum-prone little brother George, their bumbling Daddy, and mild-mannered Mommy cackling together at the end of each episode has become so omnipresent, it's as if a whole ‘nother family of relatives has moved into the house. Like most successful children's franchises, Peppa Pig is a merchandising machine, and has spawned offshoot books, films, and even its own amusement park in the U.K. And in recent years, Peppa has stepped off the little screen and onto the big stage in Peppa Pig's Surprise! This live theatrical spectacular re-creates Peppa's world with the help of large life-sized puppets on wheels, costumed characters, and a cheerful headset-sporting host named Daisy who guides you through this pastoral fantasyland. You'll see Peppa partaking in her favorite activities — like going on road trips with her family, meeting with the beloved Mr. Potato, and enjoying a bubble bath after another glorious day spent splashing in the mud puddles. But Peppa Pig's Surprise! differs from the TV show in a significant way: It's a musical experience, with Daisy leading Peppa and friends through a series of boisterous song-and-dance numbers. Oh, and there's another big difference between Peppa Pig's Surprise! and its cartoon counterpart: You can't just watch it slumped in your seat like you would at home during a marathon TV session. This is a highly interactive experience, with Daisy encouraging the kids in the crowd to sing, dance, and play along. Just pretend the theater floor below your feet is a muddy puddle and get hopping.

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