Fossil Crates

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September 29, 2020

From COVID sprang Fossil Crates!  

COVID shut down natural history museums everywhere leaving Dr. Brian Curtice with time and access to some of the coolest dinosaur specimens around!  "Dr. BC" created Fossil Crates, a company who's goal is to "bring the museum home".  He sells casts that normally only museums have access to.  

Fossil Crates items are kept up-to-date on the latest science. While launching the Ultimate Spinosaurus versus Tyrannosaurus crate, a major Spinosaurus discovery resulted in Dr. BC having his artists redraw the Spinosaurus images.  Fossil Crates provides a unique unboxing experience, similar to how fossils are opened in labs today, as well as unique artwork commissioned for Fossil Crates exclusive use.  Fossil Crates' goal is to offer an educational experience (Dr. BC includes detailed information about each dinosaur in each crate) and the highest quality fossil casts one can buy.  The casts are made from hand-made molds created from the original bones, then hand-cast and hand-painted by paleoartists that make these same items for display in museums.  Dr. BC is active in the paleo community, both as an academic paleontologist (he is the person that "killed" Ultrasauros, shrunk Seismosaurus, and is currently writing a monograph on Supersaurus, the world's longest dinosaur) and as a frequent presenter to Montessori and public schools (in person and via Zoom), children's hospitals, and science happy hours for museums around the United States. Order your Fossil Crate today by visiting:

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