The Little Gym in Queen Creek!

The Little Gym Programs Give Children a ‘Jump Start’ in School

December 18, 2019

Scientists have found that children with more highly developed motor skills demonstrate a greater level of school-readiness and fare better in kindergarten than those with less developed motor skills.

The Little Gym of Queen Creek has applied this research to its mission to help children develop their motor skills through a professionally developed gymnastics curriculum. Not only do children learn to enhance their movement, coordination and balance, they also develop self-confidence by participating in programs designed to be fun, interactive and non-competitive.

“We’ve had parents tell us that their children don’t even realize they’re learning because they’re having so much fun,” said Cheryl Foust, Owner. “At The Little Gym, children learn to listen, follow directions, interact with other children emotionally and socially, and develop their physical capabilities. We’ve seen this happen, quite literally, one cartwheel or somersault at a time.”

The Little Gym was founded in 1976. Since that time, the company has seen tremendous growth and success with its curriculum-based motor skills programs targeting children from four months to 12 years old. The Little Gym in Queen Creek opened in November of this year using the same successful formula to benefit the community’s families and children.

“Each week, we offer classes with themes like Boss of the Basics, Friends Make Fitness Fun and Good Manners on Mars that engage children and teach them new motor skills,” Cheryl said. “The curriculum is almost like a recipe—as children progress through the program, we add just the right amount of new ingredients or activities to strengthen and build upon what they’ve already learned.”

Highly trained instructors supervise all activities which may include tumbling, balance beam exercises, mats and other gymnastics equipment. Recreational equipment such as balls, scarves and bubbles also are used to help younger children develop skills like hand-eye coordination. Parents are welcome and encouraged to get involved with many activities along with their children.

The non-competitive environment at The Little Gym provides a level of comfort to which children immediately respond. They are not afraid to participate or try new exercises, and instructors reward their efforts with consistent, positive feedback.

“Children thrive in this type of environment,” Cheryl said. “We gauge success of our programs in terms of the self-confidence that children gain as a result of the skills that they learn, not in terms of winning or losing. The Little Gym’s primary goal is to provide children with a foundation in self-confidence that they’ll carry with them into adulthood.”

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