Tips to Get Ready For Swimsuit Season


By Mike and Amy Newhard March 7, 2017

Tips To Get Ready For Swimsuit Season
•    Practice Good Posture
•    Move, Move, Move
•    Cut Calories - Bread, Pasta, Rice and Sugar
•    Fill Up On Protein
•    Keep A Regular, High-Fiber Diet
•    Drink Plenty of Water
•    Skip the Salt
•    Eat Smaller Meals Throughout the Day
•    Focus on Your Progress, Not Perfection
•    Set Weekly Goals for Yourself -
 Increases Chance of Success and Feelings of Accomplishment
•    Keep Yourself in Check -
Keep a Food Journal and Use My Fitness Pal to track your daily calorie intake
•    Go Cardio Crazy - Do 30 Minutes of Exercise 3-5 Times a week
•    Meal Plan instead of Eating Out

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