Making SNOW

January 31, 2017

So here in Mesa we don't get much snow.  Yes it's fun to drive up north and visit the snow, but sometimes life doesn't allow for that.  Here is a simple way to enjoy some "snow" in your own home!

Mix 3 Cups Baking Soda and 1/2 a cup of conditioner.  That's it!  Super simple and affordable!  

I thought maybe putting newspaper down would help contain the mess, it didn't.  Don't do it!  Just let the table get messy.  

The kids just dug right in.  It was wonderful sensory play.  One of the boys said "Terina, this is the most fun I've ever had.  Thank you."  Seriously how cute is that!  Precious boy!

We built snowmen. We got out plastic knives, potato masher, cookie cutter, sifter (that was fun, it was like it snowing) and other random kitchen gadgets.  We experimented and had fun!

I used a resealable container to store our snow in for the next time I'm feeling brave and want to win some Mommy points.  Clean up was a breeze.  This is not sticky at all so it wiped right up with a wet rag.  I vacuumed up most of it before washing.  Added bonus, my house smelled awesome!!